Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Tale of Two Brooms

To everyone, thank you for all you have done for and continue to do for me and my family. We are so very blessed. I have received so many words of encouragement and love. Many people also tell us how beautifully we have been handling everything. So although, for the most part this is true, I feel I must in all honesty let you know we are definitely not Mary and Joseph.

A few months ago, after my post-treatment week was over, my mother had gone home and my ever helpful husband went back to work after the weekend. I was left alone to care for my own children. I had to reestablish my authority after being in the background for a while. Some weeks this is easier than others.

This particular Monday, I wasn't doing a very good job. While I was sweeping the floor, I tried to get Lily and Peter to help me tidy up the house. They were trying to play. So I did what most American mothers do nag. I nagged and nagged from the kitchen while they rolled over each other in the foyer instead of organizing the shoes. I kept asking them in increasing decibels and they continued to ignore me. Finally, broom in hand, I screamed in my possessed crazy lady voice, "ORGANIZE THE SHOES NOW!" I whacked the broom repeatedly on the hard wood floor to emphasize my frustration and immaturity. The broom busted at the base of the handle. Oops. I took the broom out to the industrial trashcan outside and picked up my composure and the old broom from the corner of the garage.

After that, I had to use that wimpy little broom which made my sweeping chore twice as long and tedious. I figured it was my penance for my losing my temper. So I used the little broom faithfully doing my penance for weeks until...

I was out running an errand early one Sat. morning while Dave got the kids up and took them out to run some errands on their own. When I cam home the house the was empty so I took the time to tidy up again. While putting away the Legos and building cards in the "building" room which used to be our dining room, I noticed a small whole in the wall. Curious, I finished my task and did what anyone else would so in my situation, I went upstairs and took a nap.

Upon wandering back downstairs after a restorative sleep, the kids, a crestfallen Dave and a new broom all greeted me. "Why did you get a new broom?" I asked Dave. He never knew that I busted the old broom or that the junkie old broom had been serving my penance and reformation.

He explained that while trying to get the kids ready to go in the morning, he lost his temper and hit the broom against the wall, leaving a the brush of the broom on the floor, a hole in the wall and himself defeated after only one hour into the weekend.

I shared my broom story and we laughed about how perfectly matched we are and how we could both do better.

You see, the stresses of the world around us, the economy and my illness do get to both of us now and then. Even though sometimes we want to give up, we never stop trying to be better parents, spouses, neighbors and friends. We know that with God all things are possible. So, please, whether you are struggling with your faith, your health, your family, your marriage, or your job, please don't give up. Please let God's grace help you.

We are planning on living in God's grace and keeping our new broom for a long, long time. In hope and joy, Teresa

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

halfway there!

For those of you who have met my mother, you know what a special person she is. For those of you who haven't met her let me just tell you little bit about what a great woman she has been through all of this. My Mom, Jackie, comes every Sunday before my treatment and stays until Friday, taking care of the children, doing the laundry, making sure I'm eating and sleeping enough and taking my medicine. She also is very encouraging and hopeful which helps Dave and I a lot. For dinner last night after my 6th treatment, the halfway mark for my chemo treatments, she decided to celebrate with a halfway dinner. Only half of the table was set, so we were all scrunched onto one side and all of the glasses were half=full. Such fun, such love, thank you Mom for all of it and all of you! I am truly blessed with such a loving mother.

So we are halfway there. Rejoice!

My neighbor hollered across the street to Dave the other day, "Why isn't your wife bald yet?" So in case you were wondering... although my hair is still falling out, it's mostly thinning. I told Dave once you can see my scalp he can shave it all. So he's been carrying the clippers in his back pocket and circling my head looking closely with no luck. So far, so good. I posted some newer pictures of me with my short haircuts. I really like them and think I'll keep it short even after chemo's done. We'll see...

Please continue to pray for some other friends that are fighting cancer, Mary-Lynn Flook, and Ron Baron. Also pray for the Kulp and Coleman families who lost their beautiful wife, mother, daughter and sister, Laura Kulp, last week to breast cancer. Pray for the repose of Laura's soul; although I think she experienced her purgatory here on earth in all her suffering these past few months, prayers never hurt.

In joy and hope Teresa

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Hi everyone, I know you wonder what goes on in between treatments, while we're away. So I thought I could fill you in a little. The chemo is taking longer to recover from these last two times, so that's a little frustrating, but minor in the scheme of getting well and staying well. I just got a note from a childhood friend who told me his mother had Hodgkins when we were all little and has been in remission ever since. So I can deal with aches and pains. My white blood cells continue to deplete around day 9 or ten, so I am wiped out on those days. But now we have their number now and I get two booster shots on Friday and Saturday,s o I can be ready for chemo on Monday. Dave needs the computer now, so I finish later. In joy and hope, Tree