Friday, December 19, 2008

11 down...

one more to go!

So many things have been running around my head lately. Fighting off fear again as my treatments finish up. The month of waiting will begin after the last treatment, waiting to see if my bodies is still clear of cancer. So I'm fighting off the fear with my favorite scripture verses and a little holiday cheer.

I haven't written for a while because my second to last "good days" were spent being sick and this last week of good days I was super busy getting ready to take the kids down to my parents for Christmas. We leave Sat. am. Dave will stay here for work and then join us on Christmas Eve.

I've had a few revelations, but haven't gotten to the computer in time to think them through and write them down. One in particular I remember concerned cleaning the shower. I don't know about your shower, but the glass doors on our shower quickly get covered with soap scum and the floor of the shower is dingy the day after being scrubbed. My sister found a great product that simply sprays on the mold, dinginess and scum then let it sit for a few hours, scrub a little, spray clean and wola! I have some of that product in my bathroom and its my go to cleaner. This is a great product when It's been a while since I've gotten to the shower, but it's pretty harsh. it has a lot of strong chemicals and I have to keep the fan running all day when I use it.

I also have some everyday shower cleaner whose trigger hangs on the interior bar on our shower door. I used to use this everyday. And I never ran into the scum, mold, dingy problems. Somehow, I got out of the the habit. My bad. It's such a better way to go. I don't spend week, dreading the cleaning of the shower.

So of course I thought about this in relationship to my faith. At different times in my life I used daily cleaner and kept on top of my spiritual life. I examined my conscience daily and asked for the grace and forgiveness God promised to overcome my sinful habits. I memorize scripture verses, pray regularly and read inspiring books. Other times, I go along, complaining about the bad habits I've developed or mistakes I've made but done little to overcome them or ask God for help. I neglect my prayer and save my spiritual reading for when I have more time.(Something I discover we never have but have to make)

How long I wait doesn't change God's effectiveness to eradicate my sin, God's mercy and grace are always enough for us, but how long I wait does effect me. Staying on top of my spiritual life helps me experience more of God's grace. Memorizing verses gives me more ammo when the thoughts of anxiety and fear take hold of me. Spending time in prayer strengthens my relationship with Jesus and his mystical body. And well my daily examination of conscience helps me overcome those really bad habits that bog me down with regret and guilt.

So I think I will start using the daily shower cleaner again, once I get the mold off of it, and I think I will recommit myself to reaching out to God everyday too. You know it's really just easier that way.

God bless you as you prepare to celebrate Emmanuel, God with us. Merry Christmas to you all. IN hope and joy, Teresa ( I hope this all makes sense; I'm writing with chemo brain.)

Friday, December 5, 2008

thanks for the prayers

Hi everyone, I'm doing a little better. I'm still fighting this head cold/virus, but my fever was gone today so I was able to get my treatment. Everything went well and I'm hoping the chemo kills off the virus and the steroids I got will help my swollen throat, nose and ear membranes. A few hours post chemo my cold is a little bit better. I have a feeling this last month of treatment may be more of a challenge for us then in the past. That's okay with your help and God's grace we will get through. Wow, I'm really looking forward to 2009 and I've never liked odd numbers!

Please keep my friend Jennifer Lucey in your prayers, she was recently diagnosed with neurological lymes disease. It went untreated for many months, so although she is now in treatment, the effects have been devastating to her and her young family.

I'm so happy to part of this mystical body of Christ! In love and hope, Tree

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Your prays please

Hey, Tree has come down with a virus, and is running and fever. Her white counts are still in the normal range, she does not have to go to the hospital yet. We really need your prayers that this does not last, and that we do not pass it back and forth. Other than that things are going ok. We are looking forward to the end of the month, Tree only has 3 treatments left. Thanks again Dave