Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Waiting around...

So I am feeling much better, I have finally returned to my pre-cold energy level, but have realized I still have a way to go to get back to normal. I'm really making an effort to balance my to do list with my to love list. I really don't want to get caught up with my little plans and forget about the little ones running around my feet. Today I built block towers for Sam to knock down, threw Peter a ton of pitches and read books with John. Lily-tomorrow it's your turn lovely girl.

My friend, April, and I brought our kids out for free stack of pancakes last night at the local IHOP. They give you free pancakes hoping that you will contribute to the charity last of their choice. I was shocked and excited to discover that the charity that night was the Luekemia and Lymphoma group. YEAH!

Speaking of lymphoma, I have my scan on Monday. If everything goes well, I'll get my port removed too. Whoopee! God bless you all, keep praying. Teresa

Monday, February 16, 2009

I would like to thank all of you who were praying for friends of mine I have listed on this blog over the last few months.

Sadly, my friend Mary Lynn Flook passed away this past Thursday. She was diagnosed with stomach cancer right after I got my diagnosis. She was a dear friend of ours. She and Dave taught an RCIC class together and then she taught the class on her own for a few years. She was always very concerned about her students. She spent extra time meeting with them, if they couldn't make the regular class time. She worked hard preparing her lessons for the variety of ages she taught. But most importantly, she loved her students and laughed with them often. I will always remember Mary Lynn's laugh. It was a robust and joy-filled laugh with a tinge of spit fire in it. She always gave it to you straight in her gentle voice with a sly smile. I loved her. I will miss her.

In the early fall, Dave and I snuck away from the kids and made a visit to Mary Lynn and Bill. We had brought them some leftovers for a later meal and ended up staying for a long discussion of cancer and treatment and little hints on how to avoid nausea. Soon we all grew weary of talking "cancer" and decided we needed to have some fun. Bill pulled out some Uno cards and and pulled up a table to the couch. We had a rousing game of Uno, penalizing anyone who mentioned cancer with drawing a card. We laughed and laughed. I think for all four of us the laughter and fellowship was salve on the soreness of disease. I will always remember that evening as one of the special ones in my life.

We will bury Mary Lynn later today. She was married for 42 years, loved her children, her grandchildren, and her God. She will be missed by many. May God welcome you into heaven, my friend, you are a good and faithful servant.

In hope and joy, Tree

Monday, February 2, 2009

quick update

Here I am. We've been busy having fun and enjoying life. I wanted to quickly let you know that we had to delay my scan to March 2. So we'll all have to wait until then to find out if any cancer has returned while I've been off the chemo.

I'm feeling better everyday. I actually got out twice this weekend for walks. I'm hoping to start the couch potato to 5k workout again in a few weeks.

Our family, including my mom, went on a spur of the moment vacation to St. Augustine, FL, two weeks ago. We had so much fun, despite a few blustery days. I'll post pictures soon.

Peace and joy to everyone. Tree