Wednesday, March 11, 2009

touch my toes

Well, what do you know. After a long day of rushing around yesterday I stretched out and touched my toes. Sounds small but in reality it means a great deal to me. I have been flexible all my life and unfortunately have secretly prided myself on it when in a class and seen others struggle or wince while trying. After 6 months of chemo and stillness, I couldn't get close to my toes. I was shocked and privately humiliated from my past pride. What a simple way for God to teach me humility, but soooo effective. Now I want take it for granted and I won't think any less of those who can't or anymore of myself.

We are doing great. I feel soo much better. I've even been able to forgo a midday nap every now and then. I cleaned my kitchen floor yesterday and even scrubbed the dinginess out of our shower floor last week. Don't worry, I also played slap jack, read stories and played wii with the kids too. Balance, balance....

I have two more prayer requests for all of you. Our dear friend Maryann, mother of 8 children and wife to Matt, had some scary results from a CAT scan the other day. She has mulitple masses/tumors in her body and is awaiting a biopsy scheduled for Friday. Her doctor believes it is some sort of cancer. Please pray for her miraculous healing and guidance in all of their decision making. From experience, Dave and I know that the first few weeks with a probable cancer diagnosis is agonizing. You are constantly fighting the fears of what ifs while you await doctors appointments, diagnosis and treatment options. Please add her name to any prayer list you may have access to. Please also add my friend, Lucy, she has been diagnosed with some type of skin cancer. Thank you all for everything. In hope and joy, Teresa

Monday, March 2, 2009


Need I say more? The scan went well. No ugly cancer monster rearing it's head. Next scan in 5 months. Sorry for the late post. I hope we didn't worry you much. Crazy day. I'll share ore later. In joy and hope, Tree